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Location de matériel audiovisuel pour tous les budgets

Loc4prod is a platform created by Pole productioninstalled in Le Soler, near Perpignan.
Here you will find, for rent, hundreds of references of production equipment that will fit your needs and your budget. Our team puts its technical skills and its reactivity at your service by proposing quality controlled equipment. Cameras, lenses, accessories or machineries...

Our services and equipment are aimed at audiovisual professionals as well as companies and institutions.

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Rent our cameras Sony, Canon, RED, Blackmagic, etc..

Discover your images as you've never seen them before

A complete pack including, a handle, a return screen, a RED CF card & 2 V-LOCK mount batteries.

Book 24 hours in advance, pick up your equipment & shoot

For all requests for advice in connection with your shooting do not hesitate to call us.